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Be Broken but Don't Stay Broken

“My Transformation represents more than what is skin deep; it represents my motivation, drive, and willingness to constantly improve.” – Jinder Mahal


Kintsugi Art is a technique used by Japanese artists where they take broken pottery, seal the pieces together with a liquid gold, and the results are quite beautiful. Although this kind of art can be interpreted in several different ways, I am going to use it as a visual representation that time doesn’t heal you, actions do.

I have been in the process of my own healing and it took me so long to properly do it. The problem was I waited. I waited to feel better about my situation, to have the right mindset, till a better opportunity came along, maybe someone would rescue me, or just till life got less crappier (you know what I'm talking about).

Truthfully, I have wasted a lot of my time just waiting for things around me to fix themselves when all along I was what was broken, not my life.

When something is broken you either toss it in the trash or try and repair it. Turns out, I was taking myself out for garbage pick up every single day. Every day I was throwing away my life, choosing to be indifferent to my healing. I made up every single excuse for why I will never be the same person so why try and get help? Here’s why: I was telling myself a lie and believed it. I was broken art but just didn’t see myself that way. Instead, I accepted that I was damaged and for good.

So, what changed?? I guess, one day I just woke up and said, “no more.”


You should never trust people who say that because we all know change doesn’t just happen overnight, let’s get real. What did happen though was I slowly started changing my thought patterns. What is it that makes me feel so sad and miserable? Was it something I could change, could I revision the way I saw my situation? Transforming my thoughts into positive ones meant I had to face the fact that most of my reality was made from lies.

We build these unstructured thoughts in our mind and decide to call it home. We dwell in it and accept this false reality, only to hurt ourselves even more.

If I am the broken creation, I envision the liquid gold seal to be my thoughts, which began healing me. As ineffective as it sounds, do not undermine the power of your thought patterns. I’m not telling you that if you think happy you will be happy, but I am saying the more you stop yourself from having a bad thought, the easier it is to make a better one.

I don’t think positively about my misfortunes, but I do find acceptance in them.

Something made me unhappy, I was let down, the unthinkable happened, everything is falling apart, in the end, I accept how things are but create hope that it doesn’t have stay that way. By forming new thought habits, it forces me to embrace new solutions rather than staying in a stationary loop hole.

Although broken pottery cannot fix themselves, you’re a different kind of broken art. Special, because unlike the clay you can be the art and the mender all at once. Allow yourself to heal slowly by filling your brokenness with golden thoughts. One’s that bring you positive results and hope that life gets better, because it does, and I promise it will.

Be broken but don’t stay broken.

Put in the effort to restore yourself and don’t wait for right time to change. Your time is now, and it always has been right now. Time doesn’t heal you, it’s what you do with that time that matters. You’re broken art with a dash of liquid gold and it looks good on you darlin’.

Yours Truly,



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